Attending a film school is a great way to jump-start your career in the filmmaking industry. Film schools will help you gain technical, artistic, and industry knowledge that will allow you achieve your goals. Whether your interest is production, management, or film studies, there is a program suited to your needs.

Film School Programs

When you're deciding what kind of film school you would like to attend, there are several factors to consider. The first is the kind of institution you want to attend. Film schools are often attached to liberal arts colleges and universities. This structure allows you to study film for four years and experience other areas of study if you choose. The most elite programs are mostly of this type, but are generally very expensive. An alternative to this type of program is an art school or film certificate program. These tend to be extremely hands-on programs where you primarily learn by making your own films. The type of film degree or certificate you receive upon graduation depends on the type of program you attend.

Film School Courses

Another factor to consider is what aspect of film you want to study. The majority of film school students want to be a part of the film production process. That includes directing, producing, lighting, sound, and editing. Many film schools offer these courses, but you must check what kind of equipment they make available for students. The high cost of film equipment limits many film schools to using equipment that is outdated or inferior. Another popular choice among film students is screenwriting. Writing scripts for films can be very rewarding, and there are many film schools across the country that specialize in screenwriting. The last major field offered in many film schools is film studies, also called film criticism. These classes generally consist of watching films and analyzing them. This type of program is ideal for somebody who wants to be a film theorist or critic.