Many people have noticed that in trailers for movies and television, the producer's name is featured prominently. Often people will decide to see a film almost solely because they like the producer affiliated with it. Despite the important role producers play in drawing audiences, a very small percentage of that audience could confidently tell you what a film producer's job description really is.

Film Producer Job Description

A film producer contributes in a creative and supervisory capacity to the film. The producer is present throughout all phases of production. His first job is to obtain the rights to make the movie. The producer will then determine how the film will be financed and hire a director for the project. The producer is in charge of balancing creativity and budget to make a great film without spending too much. The producer works closely with the director on determining the vision for the film.

There are also variations on the film producer job. Executive producer is the most common of these. An executive producer is generally a famous figure that is essentially endorsing the film in an official way. They may help with publicity and distribution, but are rarely creative collaborators on the film.

How to Become a Film Producer

There is no set way to become a film producer. Many producers on big-budget Hollywood films have already established a name for themselves in a different area of the film industry, such as acting, screenwriting, or directing. Attending film school is definitely a good step toward becoming a film producer, as knowledge of the process and industry is crucial. Film school will also help you become a film producer because it is a great place to network with other people who will soon be in the film industry with you. Networking is especially important for producers. Making and maintaining connections with directors, writers, actors, companies, and even other producers is vitally important. In addition to knowledge of film, you have to have a solid understanding of finance and business. If your goal is to be a film producer, you might consider studying something related to business and management in addition to film. Many film schools will have producing classes integrated into their film program, or will offer a minor in entertainment management.