Film production companies are the basis for the modern film making industry. Even the major Hollywood studios are gigantic versions of film production companies. Film production companies are where people turn if they need a film to be made.

Film Production Company Services

Production companies offer a number of film production services for every kind of movie. The services offered will vary by the size and specialization of each film production company. Some production houses specialize in editing or sound, for instance. Most film production companies will provide start to finish services, delivering you a complete film, depending on your needs.

Common uses for film production companies include:

  • Developing film
  • Wedding videos
  • Sound/FX Editing
  • Corporate films

How to Find a Film Production Company

The majority of film production happens in New York and L.A., but there are many film production companies in metropolitan areas across the country. To find one in your area, you should consult a film production company list for your city. Many websites offer lists of companies that provide production services. Be careful, however, as many of these web sites are incomplete or loaded with advertising. Find an authoritative list and then do some research. Go to the production company's own site to see how professional they are, what services they offer, and how much they charge. Some key things to look for are what the filmmakers have done in the past, and what their specialties are. You may have to call the company to get a cost estimate. Once you do this, you may compare reviews of different companies before deciding which film production company to use.