In the early days of the film industry, filmmakers from New England and New York decided to move their operations to California. Urban legend has it that they did this to put some distance between themselves and the swarm of lawyers who kept trying to sue them, but the more likely answer is that they moved because California is the ideal place to make movies. California has a number of climates and settings very close to each other, from mountains to beaches. The weather in California is also a huge contributing factor. The weather is fairly temperate but almost always sunny. These are the reasons why filmmakers ultimately set up shop in Los Angeles and created the film capital of the world that is Hollywood, California. This makes California a great location if you're looking to attend film school.

Choosing a California Film School

When looking into film schools in California, location is a key factor to consider. LA film schools are very different from film schools further from Hollywood. Northern California, especially the San Francisco area, has some really great film programs. The vast majority of top film schools in California, though, are in Los Angeles. These "Hollywood Film Schools" are good because many of the professors work in the film industry and the networking opportunities are greater so close to the movie-making capital of the world. Students can intern at major companies and meet industry professionals that can help them get employment after graduation.

Los Angeles Film Schools

Around the Hollywood area, there are lots of types of film programs. USC and UCLA are generally considered the biggest and best 4-year undergraduate film programs in Los Angeles. These and other degree schools in LA offer professional training in whatever area of film you might want to specialize in, from screenwriting to acting. There are also many certificate, workshop, and seminar programs for any type area of film you want to study.

Top LA Film Schools

  • University of Southern California
  • University of California Los Angeles
  • Loyola Marymount University
  • American Film Institute
  • Art Institute of California - Hollywood